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StemCellSummit sees itself as a service for the consumer: We want to simplify purchasing decisions for consumers. We see our strength in structuring data and making it consumer-friendly. Our editors take the necessary time to familiarize themselves intensively with the topics and to identify the really relevant information for consumers.

We use a variety of test sources to make the best possible overall recommendation: For example, we complete test results from Stiftung Warentest with the long-term experience of Amazon customers, for example. We deliberately do without automation. Each of the products listed with us goes through a multi-stage selection process. Every day, our 27 editors work on the best possible comparison.

The comparisons made by StemCellSummit are objective and independent. That’s why consumers trust our judgments in their purchasing decisions.

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We test and compare numerous products and services. Only the best are presented to you.

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After 120 days at the latest, we update each category. This ensures that our recommendations are always up to date.

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Our tests and comparisons are objective and fact-based. Manufacturers have no influence on the evaluation.

Here are some sample Articles

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  • Bitcoin Cycle Review We know that it is the little things that sum up to a great effort. But making money is essential because there is no time. The economies all around the world are struggling, only investors who can stay ahead of the hard financial times can live comfortably. This is why… Read more
  • Crypto Comeback Pro Review It is becoming more difficult to get well-paying jobs. Without good jobs, paying bills and saving can be a tough task. This is a situation that has made so many people look for alternative sources of income. One of the best ways to make money on the side, even when… Read more
  • Cryptosoft Review We are living in times when it pays to make strategic decisions to become financially free. It is a tough world out there and nothing is really guaranteed. This is why it is best to take advantage of smart financial opportunities that can generate consistent profit in the long term.… Read more
  • Bitcoin Billionaire Review This is our report on the Bitcoin Billionaire, another fascinating auto trading platform that caught our attention some weeks ago. We noticed that many people were posting positive reviews about Bitcoin Billionaire and we decided to find out for ourselves if the site really works that well. And now, after… Read more
  • Bitcoin Circuit Review One of my best moments as a cryptocurrency analyst and researcher is writing a report about my experience with an excellent automated trading platform for cryptocurrency. I have enough knowledge and facts to know that there is room for everyone to make money from the cryptocurrency market. So it is… Read more
  • Bitcoin Revival Review At the beginning of this review, we set out to discover why Bitcoin Revival is becoming popular and to know if it can be trusted. Investments must be done carefully, especially when there are so many auto trading robots in the market. It helps to know which of these auto-trading… Read more
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  • Crypto Trader Review The surest and fastest way to make money online is by investing in auto trading robots designed to trade cryptocurrencies. These platforms require minimal effort to get started and the returns are amazing. As a long-time cryptocurrency trader, I have always known this, and I am happy that now, there… Read more
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  • Bitcoin Code Review So many people want to start growing a passive income by trading Bitcoins, but the number of auto trading platforms and bad reviews have made them sceptical about investing in this auto trading system. It is difficult to know which trading platform is legit, and these days, testimonials cannot be… Read more
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  • Bitcoin Era Review There are smart ways of making money online, at the top of the list is investing in the best cryptocurrency trading robots. My experience as a cryptocurrency trader has been fantastic, and I have no worries about money because I earn more than enough money every day by using cryptocurrency… Read more
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We know from our work that the best-selling products are not always the best. We ensure more transparency on the market and thus promote product quality. Every year, we test around 2,000 products in over 200 categories.

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We work independently and still offer our results free of charge. How does it work? Via so-called affiliate links, we receive a commission from the linked online shops for every product sold – regardless of which manufacturer it comes from.